Wordless Wednesdays – The Evolution of Beauty

Thanks to Hilary Blair for this one. If you’ve ever wondered how the femmes in the magazines can look so great, you need to watch this. No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted. Watch the video that’s still causing a stir all over the world. Length:1:23

One thought on “Wordless Wednesdays – The Evolution of Beauty

  1. I tried hard to instill into my children and my grandchildren that it is perfectly fine to be pretty outside, but it is more important to be pretty INSIDE.
    A blind person does not care if your eyeliner is on straight, they seek what is in your heart. If your heart is “wrinkled” and has a bad case of zits, it will make your outside beauty worthless. See people through a sightless person’s eyes and you will be amazed at how different people “look”.


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